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President Bihi Inspects Guard of Honour in Tukaraq, Puntland Goes DEFCON

Somaliland army troops stationed In Tukaraq are at a buoyant mood Following a visit by their commander in Chief cum Head of state President Muse Bihi Abdi.

The president accompanied by senior forces commanders and government officials visited the troops in Tukaraq as part of his ongoing eastern regions tour.

After a stop in the Las Anaod the Sool regional capital the presidential entourage departed for Tukaraq a town near the border with Puntland, a Somalia administrative region.

Upon inspecting a colourful guard of honour mounted by the frontline based troops the Somaliland army commander General  Nuh Ismail Tani  briefed the president on status of the Defence forces.

“First on behalf of the Somaliland armed forces I hereby express thanks for your visit to our soldiers at the farthest  base of our country”That said Gen Tani informed that all the troops and including those at Tukaraq at highest levels of readiness in Defence of the country.

Similarly the army commander thanked the head of state cum commander in chief for the continued priority given to the welfare of soldiers by his administration.

Also addressing the function was the Somaliland Minister of Defense Isse Ahmed Yusuf, who thanked the president for taking time out of his hectic schedule to visit the troops as well as the soldiers for their warm

Welcome to their commander in Chief.

“Your commitment to service in defense of your country and people is highly appreciated, ” said President Muse Bihi as he recounted that soldiers have left their families, homes, property in order to serve.

Stressing that the country owes the soldiers gratitude for their service the commander in Chief also promised continued first class support from his administration.

The presidential entourage to the Tukaraq Visit included senior government officials , Several senior army officers, Sool regional administration as well as local traditional leaders.

In the meantime the visit to Tukaraq which is a few kilometers from Garowe the capital of Puntland is reported to have raised for reasons unknown serious security concernsAccording to a report by www.puntlandtomes.ca the capital Garowe was awash with fully armed and combat ready troops.adding that the regions forces have placed on the highest Defense condition level during and after the visit by President Bihi , rumors of demands for the

resignation of President Abdiweli Gas were also reported.

Though Tukaraq is in Somaliland , authorities in the Somalia administrative region have on several occasions claimed jurisdictional authority lading to clashes between the two countries.

According to the crisis group The  longstanding military standoff between Somaliland and Puntland over the disputed Sool and Sanaag regions is in grave danger of escalating. Both sides are reportedly massing large numbers of troops close to Tukaraq, a strategically located town that has become a front line in the battle for control. The tempo of artillery and mortar shelling around the town appears to have increased since 22 June 2018. Leaders on both sides have stepped up inflammatory rhetoric. Efforts to mediate have petered out.

Source: www.somalilandsun.com


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