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From Liberation to Leading

President Muse Sets Conditions for Development? Author: Mohamed Ubo Sacrificed his life for the oppressed innocent civilians in the liberation struggle of the 1980s that ended the dark chapters of the Somaliland history at the downfall of the Siyad Bare regime in 1991, would the president make the necessary liberation …

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ALAS, Illegality of Legislature in The Never To Be Parliamentary Elections

Hargeisa (The Horn)- The Sitting unconstitutional membership of the Somaliland House of Representatives is the only dent in the country’s much touted democratization process. Slated for  disbandment in January 2018 thus facilitated for elections in March of the same year, members of the Somaliland lower chamber of parliament are reported …

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U.A.E. Military Base in Somaliland to Open by June

A United Arab Emirates military base in the self-declared republic of Somaliland will begin operating by June and include a coastal-surveillance system, according to a diplomat involved in talks for the facility. The U.A.E. is growing its military presence in the Horn of Africa to help protect trade flows through …

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