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What Transpired in an Anti-Somaliland Meeting Held in Baidoa Chaired by President Farmajo?

Hargeisa(horn)- According to information filtering from a rendezvous confirm that the Federal Government of Somalia and her administered region of Puntland held an anti- Somaliland conference in the town of Baidoa South west region of Somalia. Information reaching the Horn Newspaper from reliable sources concur that the closed door meeting agenda was Somaliland and the recent skirmishes in Tukaraq. During the meeting journalists were kept at an arm length.

The president of Jubaland Sheikh Ahmed Madobe advised that they should come up with a unitary decision against Somaliland.

The Puntland president Mr.Abdiweli Ali Gaas who also spoke at the meeting stated that the Tukaraq war and Somaliland Military forces have exerted maximum pressure on people who ply the Lasanod/Garowe route. He went on to say that the Somaliland armed forces have exerted pressure on the people of Lasanod who have the same ideology like the people of Garowe.

He added that time had come for Somaliland to be attacked using all means possible political, economical and even physical and called on the Federal government to lead the war. The Puntland president revealed that Somaliland has political connections with some rogue politicians in Garowe trying to sabotage Puntland’s interests. He added that the clique of [politicians want to support some politicians who are in favor of Somaliland to run for political seats in Puntland.

The South West region of Somalia president Shariff Hassan Sheikh Adam who hosted the meeting called for  a line of communication should be established in Somaliland and it should be asked to withdraw her armed forces from Tukaraq and if Somaliland refuses to comply he said then a decision should be reached. He advised all to go slow on the current state of affairs because Puntland is holding an election whilst her economy is in tatters.

Federal government of Somalia president Mr.Farmajo stated that to defeat Somaliland all and sundry should unite. He advised the Puntland president, Mr. goes to support Somalia, foreign policy instead of going alone for instance, he cited the Gulf States conflict as an example of where Puntland has deviated.

At last the Somalia government was shouldered the responsibility to start a war against Somaliland from different fronts political, economical, military and diplomatic to name a few of the clandestine ant-Somaliland agenda put forward.  The participants of the meeting called on Somalia government to exert influence on the US and UN to pressurize Somaliland to withdraw her armed forces from Tukaraq.

The meeting was attended by the president of Somalia Mr.Mohammed Abdillahi alias Farmajo who was flanked by his Prime Minister Mr.Hassan Khayre, president of the different Somalia provinces and some rogue politicians from Somaliland graced the event.

Before going to press we contacted a Somaliland politician in Baidoa who did not want his name mentioned and asked about the meeting deliberations he refused to divulge details.

One of the points from the meeting states that Puntland should be supported with arms to fight back Al-shabab. However political commentators in the Horn region underscored this as legalizing Puntland to receive the arms Somalia receives from international arm dealers.


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