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“let puntland know that I’m not a Coward”

Opposition Chief Faisal Ali Warabe

Hargeisa (The Horn)- The party of justice and development boss Mr.Faisal Ali Warabe has spoken about a threat by a member of Puntland legislature calling for his killing wherever he may be. The opposition czar speaking to the Horn Newspaper addressed the people of Somaliland telling to be vigilant and protect the sovereignty of their nation. He also informed members of the public to be skeptical to whomever in their midst trying to sow the seed of discord.

“This young man has just talked useless chat room talk what can he do to me.” He panted.  The opposition chief said that he will die when God decrees, and urged the Puntland MP to find time to do righteous deeds instead of spewing venom.

The UCID boss called on Somaliland people to be alert as their country sovereignty is under threat from Somalia.

He went on to say “Somaliland nation didn’t come from a silver platter we fought to gain the independence that we enjoy today. Following a long struggle we are here today reaping the fruits of our new found freedom from the oppressive regime of Somalia. I call on our citizen to be wary of anyone trying to plant the seed of discord in their midst.”


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