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Somaliland Government Acknowledge Receiving Cash Donations from Somalia

Hargeisa(horn)-Somaliland minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Mr.Sa’ad Ali Shire has said that the government of Somaliland has received money from the Somalia government to help the cyclone Sagar victims.  He said this is a reciprocity gesture from the Somalia government since a fore time when that it was hit …

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“Somalia and Puntland Plan to Cause Chaos in Somaliland will backfire”

The former minister of defense Hargeisa(horn)-The former minister of defense in president Silanyo’s administration Mr. Ahmed Haji Ali Adami confirmed that the former president Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud (Silanyo) on three occasions he helped broker peace amongst the warring faction in the El-Afweine saga. He added that the current administration of …

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Somalia Sends Plane Load of Military Hardware to Garowe Airport

Hargeisa(horn)-The federal government of Somalia has sent a plane load of military cache to Garowe, in the Puntland administered region.  A reliable source informed the Horn Newspaper that the cargo plane landed at Garowe three times in the pas t weeks. According to our source the plane jetted in from Mogadishu …

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“let puntland know that I’m not a Coward”

Opposition Chief Faisal Ali Warabe Hargeisa (The Horn)- The party of justice and development boss Mr.Faisal Ali Warabe has spoken about a threat by a member of Puntland legislature calling for his killing wherever he may be. The opposition czar speaking to the Horn Newspaper addressed the people of Somaliland …

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Puntland President Calls on the International Community Interventions for Somaliland to Return the Seized Military Hardware and Prisoners

Hargeisa(Horn)-The president of Puntland Mr.Abdiweli Gaas has called on the international community to intervene and ask Somaliland to return some military armor and prisoners of war captured from the Puntland administration during last week Tukaraq war.   A letter written to foreign diplomats based in Nairobi suggested that the Tukaraq war will …

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