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Foreign Affairs DG Axed in Major Administration Reshuffle

The president of Somaliland Musa Behi Abdi has effected major changes in his administration more so as pertains a number of Ministry’s Director Generals whom were fired and replaced immediately.

Changes contained in the presidential decree # JSL/XM/WM/222-70/042018 also touches on the diplomatic corps as well as regional administration The president who justified his decision to powers conferred him by article90,  section 3 of the Somaliland constitution said Upon guidance of the constitution and having satisfied that

credentials to hold senior public offices avail I hereby appoint below mention persons to indicated positions within governement that take effect immediately.

Abdinasir Ahmed Hirsi  Mohamed    Director General Ministry of Foreign Affairs and intl cooperation

  1. Ali Hussein Nuur Beegsi    Director General Ministry of livestock and


  1. Dr. Ahmed Ali Maah Warsame Director General Ministry of Agricultire
  2. Mukhtaar Mohamed Ali DG Regional Administration Ministry of interior
  3. Prof. Abdi Nuur Ahmed (Abdi Guray) DG Security Ministry of interior
  4. Hussein Mahmud Mohamed Hasan     DG ministry of justice
  5. Dr. Osman Husein Warsame Abdi DG Ministry of Commrce, industry and Tourism
  6. Eng. Abdirahman Mohamed Mahmud DG Ministry of energy and minerals
  7. Elmi Abdirahman Ashuur    DG Ministry of public works, lands and housing
  8. Mohamed Elmi Adan (Ilka Case) DG Ministry of Social Services and


  1. Abdirizaq Jama Nuur Naakhuude DG Ministry of environment and rural


12    Jamaal Abdi Muuse Diiriye    DG Ministry of Water Developmemt

  1. Abdirahman Sheekh Hasan Ismaaciil Bile DG Ministry of Finance
  2. Ali Mohamed Ali Nuur    DG Ministry of information, culture and guidance
  3. Mohamed Hussein Ahmed Dhabbeeye DG Ministry of councils

coordination and constitutional affairs

  1. Ahmed Muse Muruud Muhumed DG Higher Studies Ministry of education

and science

  1. Abdikarim Hussein Saeed DG Ministry of youths and sports
  2. Abdilahi Mohamed Haji Duale Ambassador to the African Union
  3. Mohamed Osman Haji Ahmed (Indha-balac) Governor of Gabile Region
  4. Ahmed Osman Hasan Elmi (Tima-cadde) Governor of Sahil  Region
  5. Mustafe Andi Muuse Nuur Governor of Buhoodle Region
  6. Khadar Baaruud Omar Obsiye Deputy Governor of Maroodijeeh  Region
  7. Mahmud Ibraahin Ahmed Duale (San-dheere) Deputy Governor of Sahil  Region
  8. Faysal Aw Jaamac Hirsi Xawte

(Ilka-case)    Deputy chairperson disaster preparedness and food security agency In conclusion the president thanked all those replaced for diligence

to service during their stint in government


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