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RAK GAS Oil Exploration Launch in Sahil Region Scampered

The RAKGAS execution of the production sharing Agreement  (PSA) with government of Somaliland, seems in doubt.

The PSA launch starting with an awareness raising campaign in the target  area of Sahil Region failed to take-off as slated in Berbera.

Without prior warning the participants awaiting launch of the campaign  including businessmen, local leaders and ordinary citizens were left

stranded at the venue following failure to appear by the Somaliland minister of Energy and minerals Jama Egal.

Though he did not give any reasons for delay in launch of the awareness oil exploration campaign minister Jama Egal left the venue as abruptly as he had arrived

Speaking to the press a number of disappointed participants pointed  launch failure to a few greedy but influential persons who will not accept any people and national oriented development unless they hold a profitable stake.

Ras Al Khaimah Gas Company LLC popularly known as RAK GAS was granted the PSA by the immediate past administration of President Ahmed Mahmud

Silanyo  for the exploration of Block SL9 and SL12 respectively and to facilitate the start the of the Explorations & oil extraction operations by the UAE owned company in the country which was  due to commence in March 2014.

So one would not be haunted by queering on what is happening on the execution of the PSA having been due in 2014.


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