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In Good and Bad Times We Stand with Ethiopia” FM Saad Ali

Hargeisa(horn)– At this time when faced with tumultuous events the government and  people of Ethiopia should rest assured of full support from counterparts  in Somaliland.

This was stated by the Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire during a briefing to Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa that pertained to ongoing  events in neighbouring Ethiopia where a state of emergency has been put  in place following the abrupt resignation of Prime Minister HaileMariam Desalegn Stressing on the very important and historic ties between the two countries the foreign minister also pointed out the fact that the same  relations dictate that prevalent events affect Somaliland either  positively or negatively.

Pledging full support from the people and the  government of Somaliland , Dr Saad Ali Shire was equivocal Ethiopia which enjoys tremendous political  maturity will come out of its current predicament  triumphantly.

Though Somaliland remains unrecognized International as a sovereign nation, it enjoys good relations with Ethiopia, which is the only country  to establish a fully fledged diplomatic mission in Hargeisa


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