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  46% of President Behi’s Appointments are Silanyo Remnants

Hargiesa (The Horn) 27 of the 59 senior officials appointed to senior positions by President Musa Behi Abdi are carry overs from his predecessor Statistically this figure which is 46% of his entire appointments so far made through a number o decrees issued from the presidency indicate that a large number of policy formulators and implementers are exactly as they were before elections of November 2017.

Of the current 32 appointments to the cabinet, Five full ministers and four deputies are Silanyo carry overs. Similarly the minister of sportsis also a carry over having served the past administration as the governor of maroodi-Jeeh Region.
Of the fourteen below minister level appointments made by President Behi which include DGs, parastatal chiefs, presidential advisors and presidency spokesperson have nine of them as past officials in the Silanyo administration.
With a total of 13 regional administrations a recent shake saw President Behi make changes through injection of new faces, transfer of others and restitution of some in their post Silanyo administration stations Of the seven appointments made last Wednesday to governorship positions , three were Silanyo carry overs while five were retained in their offices as was post November 2017.

So what can we deduce here inspire of the fact that Both President Behi and his predecessor are from the same Kulmiye party.
First is the fact that maintaining almost half of past administration is not the norms in Somaliland though not illegally.

With a citizenry that believes a new president must bring in new faces  thence desired changes or a semblance of change the large number of  Silanyo officials still in office raise eyebrows.


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