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Somaliland Accuses Somalia of Warmongering Urges IC Intervention Before Tensiins Turn Disastrous 

Hargeisa (The Horn)- The republic of Somaliland is bordered by three countries but one of them is making good neighbourliness untenable.

This was stated by interior minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed in Hargeisa from where he accused Somalia of creating machinations detrimental to not only peace between the two countries but in the entire Horn of Africa Region as well.

“The Government and people of Somaliland have not only pursued peace in the Horn region but implemented strategies towards seeing to it that commerce and apt diplomatic relations exists with its neighbours” said the interior minister adding that recent events by foreign forces in the east of Somaliland are geared towards negating this harmony.

The minister in charge of security was referring to recent clashes between Somaliland and Puntland forces in Tukaraq, a town in Sool region of his country.

Following a provocative visits by the Somalia Minister for Planning, Jamal Mohamed Hassan, to parts of eastern Sanaag, and a planned follow-up one by his boss President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, to Buhoodle, Taleh, Dhahar and adjacent areas within the Somaliland international boundaries as part of his Puntland visit, the Somaliland army made a preemptive, tactical move forward recapturing a major, strategic town, Tukaraq of Sool region, from the occupying Puntland troops last Monday

There are no Reports of fatalities if any emanating from the clashes that saw Somaliland troops at the gates of Garowe, the capital of Puntland an administrative region of Somalia that lays claim to parts of

eastern Somaliland

Pointing fingers at the Somalia Federal Government, Minister Mohamed Kahin revealed that the Mogadishu based authorities have dispatched a heavily armed military contingent towards support of Puntland troops with intent of fomenting insecurity in Somaliland.

Said he “Although our government and people are not only committed

but determined to peaceful co-existence with neighbours this should not be misconstrued as Carte blanche authority to infringe upon

the sovereigntyof Somaliland”

Stressing that the territorial integrity of this country is sacrosanct the interior minister warned that the government and people of Somaliland are not only prepared but ready to act appropriately “upon any violations.

“How comes we live peaceful with neighbouring Ethiopia as well as Djibouti and not Somalia” wondered minister Mohamed Kahin while accusing President Farmajo of paying lip service to the international community as pertains pursuit of sustainable peace in the region while he has failed in his own country.

According to the Somaliland security Chief, Somalia remains unsecured from internal strife in which innocent citizens continue to die while their president Farmajo who pledged total peace to garner votes to the presidency is engaged financially and materially in fomenting insecurity within the region.

“We in Somaliland do not make empty pledges and rhetoric towards security in the region but actively pursue sustainability of the same” said minister while revealing that such has been conveyed to the international community in addition to a clearly stated intent to maintain territorial integrity and sovereignty at all costs.

On the Somaliland interior minister was referring to a meeting between President Musa Behi Abdi and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Somalia/Somaliland Mr. Michael Keating, at the Presidency, Hargeisa this week.

Upon conclusion a joint presser by the Somaliland Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Saad Ali Shire, and Mr. Keating informed that issues discussed included mutual cooperation touching on the political layout, economy, democracy, security, humanitarian assistance among others.

Stating that stated that his delegation’s visit to Somaliland was primarily to listen to the priorities of the government that took the reins of Somaliland following the recent, November election of the president; and to congratulate the people of Somaliland, through the president, for the elections last year, Amb Keating added that he told the President that the United Nations will support his government in overcoming the many challenges it faced as best as it could.

On the issue of escalating tensions in the east of Somaliland in which authorities in Hargeisa accuse Puntland under instigation by Somalia, theSpecial Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Somalia/Somaliland said that caution must prevail since “a military solution is not the answer”

Taking cue from the sentiments expressed by the SRSG, Somalilandinterior minister Mohamed Kahin said that the administration

of presidentBehi wants intervention from the IC before the situation in the

eastern region deteriorates further.

Upon commending the leadership, governments and peoples of Ethiopia and Djibouti for continued peaceful and

economically gainful co-existence, the security chief

said Somaliland extends two appeals

First is to Somalia, “while we are open to peaceful discussions of any perceived differences between our Countries, Somaliland shall not sit idle as

its sovereignty and territorial integrity is infringed upon, So Back off from armed incursions and welcome to the negotiation table” and

To the international community namely the UN, European Union, African Union and Regional body IGAD as well as the governments of Ethiopia, Djibouti, the UK and USA,

“Escalating tensions in the east of our country is fronted by federal authorities in

Mogadishu, therefore before further deterioration we urge you to put reigns on Somalia for in lieu of hostilities cessation Somaliland is and cannot be held responsible.

In conclusion and speaking on behalf of president Behi and his administration, the Somaliland interior minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed upon  stating that Somalilanders have tasted and suffered from woes of conflict which apparently president Farmajo and his Puntland cahoot Abdiweli Gas hadn’t, urged patience as peace and sustainable security is pursued.


Since withdrawing from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia 26 years ago, Somaliland though unrecognized as

a sovereignnation internationally, has managed to establish functional mechanism of government, maintain its boundaries established by the British in the early 1880s, internal peace co-existence among its diverse communitiesand from neghbouring countries, sustain a world

acclaimed democratization process, rule of law guided by the constitution among others, while Somalia which is

internationally recognized and funded remains a war torn basket case.


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