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“Women Participation in the President Behi Administration is Minute”

MP Baar Saeed

Hargeisa (The Horn- Not only do women make up 70% of voters in Somaliland they also overwhelmingly voted President Muse Behi into office during the November 2017 elections.
This was stated Somaliland Member of Parliament Baar Saaed who happens to be the only woman legislator in the country while decrying the few positions women were appointed to in the President Behi cabinet.
MP Baar Saaed who also touched on the recent visit to Sanaag region by the Somalia federal government’s Minister of Planning said that support for the needy shall be accepted from any quarters.

On the appointment of 2 women as full ministers and one deputy in the 23 members cabinet of President Muse Behi, the legislator said that this was less than 15% thence more action still awaited on availing a semblance of balance.
Said she “Mr President it is indisputable that over 70% of your winning votes came from women, therefore imperative that you accord them, women, a fair share of senior posts”

On the recent controversial visit to eastern parts of Sanaag region by Jamal Mohamed Hasan the Somalia planning minister Jamal Mohamed Hasan, MP Baar Saeed who represents the region said that being from the area himself the minister had rights to commune with family and relatives
Though it is his home town the Mogadishu based planning minister should also be well versed on protocols that govern movement of one country”s official to another” said MP Baar adding that it was a political error.
Despite the broken etiquettes the legislator was quick to acknowledge that the the millions in dollars the Somalia planning minister brought towards upgrading the Bosaso Erigavo Road is much welcomed.
Stressing on the fact that Sanaag region has been marginalized by all administrations of Somaliland as pertains access to public services, MP Baar Saaed was but equivocal to the welcome of support from any quarters.


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