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Somaliland Territorial Integrity Is A No Go Area Says Foreign Minister

Hargiesa ( The alleged transfer of Somaliland airspace control and management to authorities in the Somalia capital Mogadishu by ICAO a UN body is a major injury to the sovereignty of Somaliland.
Speaking to Geeska Afrika the Somaliland foreign Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire also revealed the submission of protest letter to the United Nations on the same subject a gist of whose content is that the move is not only untenable but detrimental to the general security of the Horn region.
Below verbatim excerpts of the interview

Geeska Afrika – during various secessions of the Somaliland Somalia talks arrangements were for joint airspace management, so how comes Somalia has been granted full control Per se?
Dr Saad Ali Shire – it’s true that numerous agreements on joint airspace control between Somalia and Somaliland were entered upon in 2011 to lately early 2017.
Therefore the alleged transfer of crate Blanche authority to Somalia by the UN does not only come as a shock but it is one that shall not be acceptable at any any cost.
Q- The international Civil Aviation Authority-ICAO has been managing the Somaliland Somalia airspace for over two decades, so what changed to thence the UN body transfer authority to Somalia, and have you discussed this matter with friendly members of the international community?
A- Yes protest letters have been submitted especially to the UN which is the ICAO parent body but whatever the outcome it worthy for all to be appraised to the fact that Somaliland is Master of its own air, land and waters therefore anyone’s aspirations to the contrary should take careful note, for our territorial integrity is sacred.
Q- Can we surmise that lack of Somaliland’s intensional recognition as a sovereign nation is reason for the transfer of its airspace authority to Somalia?
A- The entire world is aware of the history between Somaliland. And Somalia more so as two nations that voluntary United While sovereign entities. Subsequently just like in whatever union if partners are unsatisfied by arrangements they break the union, that’s what happened. For the 26 years Somaliland has been self governing strides made in various fronts be it democratically, economically, development or otherwise plus the 97% of votes for sovereignty are major pointers to the fact that we are two countries no matter what others want to portray

So neither the IC nor others can force Somalilanders to be governed by others let alone Somalia.
Q- If the UN remains adamant to its position of transferring airspace control to Somalia what shall steps shall Somaliland government take?

A- If that happens appropriate steps shall be taken


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