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Ex-President Silanyo Family hosts Outgoing Cabinet to a Fare thee Well Dinner

Hargeisa (The Horn)- Members of the outgoing former president Silanyo council of ministers met for a final tet ‘a’ tet in Hargeisa

Hosted by the former presidents family and fronted by president Silanyo son in law and envoy to the UAE ambassador Bashe Awil participants were unanimous in thanks to their former boss whom they had served at various times in his seven years in office.
Consciously absent at the fare thee well dinner party hosted at Jirde hotel owned by former First Lady Amina Weris were the four ministers retained by president Musa Behi Abdi.

According to facilitator Bashe Awil the objective of the dinner party was for the family of Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo to reciprocate faithful service by his team.
“Speaking on behalf of ex-president Silanyo family I hereby extend thanks to you all for your steadfastness in service in your capacities as ministers”said Amb Bashe adding that words were insufficient reward.

While speaker after speaker were unanimous in their gratitude to their former boss for opportunity availed to serve the nation, a covert message of “we are still a team”was also saliently passed to current presidmt Muse Behi.
Despite the bravado this outgoing cabinet shall be remembered as the worst in the history of Somaliland as it stands today owing to the clannish and corruption it spearheaded over.


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