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“Congratulations but Much Work Awaits Your Administration”

Legislators tell president-elect Muse Behi Abdi

Hargiesa (The Horn) The prevalent interference with the legisltsure by the executive branch must cease imkidiately.

This was urged by members of parliament Saeed Artan Osman and Abdiqadir Jibril Tulale during a joint interview with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa.
“While we congratulate the Somaliland president-elect Muse Behi Abdi we also advise his incoming Administration to uphold the constitutional enshrined Independence of the various branches of governance” said the MPs.

Stressing that elections and the brutal campaign process is over the legislators who entreated Allah to lighten the load of governing Somaliland placed upon the shoulders of Muse Behi Abdi also cautioned the incoming head of state of the numerous challenges facing him.

“While the incoming president is no political novice, it is imperative that his administration create a conducive working relationship within the three branches of government thence alleviate the myriad of difficulties engulfing his constituents ” said MP Saeed Ali Artan

On the issue of the institutionalized interference on parliament’s two chambers, Guurti and House of Representatives ‘by the outgoing administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo the legislators said

“A separation of duties and independence of the the three branches must only be seen to there but must actually be made effective”

Stressing that the overwhelming support Muse Behi Abdi received from Somalilanders during the presidential elections must translated to gainful results the legislators said that for this to be achieved issues like national budget, corruption and others must be attended to expeditiously.

According to MP Abdiqadir Jibril Tikale, returning public confidence in government is a major priority for the incoming administration of the president -elect.

“Simple things like families buying graves to bury their dead must be checked and rectified” said the legislator while adding that this absurd procedure emanates from the massive corruption especially targeting public lands exercise by the outgoing administration”
Reiterating his colleagues importance of power separation MP Tulale said that “during the 7 years of the Silanyo Administration a lot of laws were broken hence imperative that president Muse Behi Abdi take and take quickly remedial measures”

Muse Behi Abdi will replace Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo as head of state following the 55% win his Kulmiye party garnered during the Somaliland presidential elections of 13th November 2017.


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