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IC Views Somaliland Differently After Successful Presidential Election Conduct

Hargeisa (The Horn)- The Somaliland President- Elect Muse Behi Abdi is assured of a conducive working relation with the international community once he assumes office.
his development follows the huge commendations accorded the just concluded presidential elections by a diverse IC Membership.
Among the countries and bodies within the IC with a stake in the Somaliland democratization process that issued congratulatory statements include U.K. , Sweden, Denmark, USA and the EU.

Sources close to the president-elect indicate that the change of heart by the IC is a bonus atop his election victory considering sour relations with the outgoing government
The bad blood between the current administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and the IC emanated from regular election postponements and subsequent executive term extensions which, was seen and termed as injurious to the Somaliland democratization process.

“Now that Anomalies related to election postponement have been assuaged by successful conduct of presidential polls, our relations are back to normal” was a gist of the various IC statements.


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