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Police Confirm Arrest of Suspected Attackers of Irro the Wadani Party Presidential Candidate

Hargeisa(The horn) An attack on the person of Abdirahman Irro the Wadani party presidential candidate was foiled by police on the night of 27th October 2017.
In the meantime opposition Wadani party has vehemently castigated the attack on its presidential candisdates house by persons alleged to Kulmiye party supporters.

The Wadani party boss Abdiqadir Jirde said informed citizens of Somaliland that despite the deadly attack, Abdirahman Irro is sound and safe thanks to the diligence of the presidential candidate’s guards and swift response by police.
Urging restrain by Wadani party supporters Chairman Abdiqadir Jirde also informed that 10 party buses have been destroyed by supporters of ruling Kulmiye party not to mention the destruction of the opposition party’s offices in kodhbur estate in the capital.
Wondering on the silence emanating from the National Elections Commission-NEC the Wadani party boss said that it is incumbent that all political parties be accorded an even playing field nationwide.

Sh madar estate in Ga’an Libaah district is a stronghold of Wadani while Kodhbur estate is a Kulmiye party support base, two confrontation hotspots in the capital as the camping for Somaliland presidential elections slated for 13th November enters its second of three weeks.

According to the Somaliland police commissioner brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Imaan, five persons suspect of perpetrating the foiled attack at the Irro residence in Hargeisa are in police custody,

“Four were captured on the scene while one was handed over to police by his parent” revealed Brigadier Fadal Iman during a press briefing in the capital Hargeisa where he also informed about an attack on a Kulmiye party office.

Also in police custody is two vehicles used by the Irro residence attackers and a number of youths suspected of attack on the Kulmiye party offices in Sheikh Madar estate Hargeisa

Stating that police were on heightened alert the police boss upon revealing that a number of suspected Kulmiye office attackers in Sheikh Madar estate are also in custody went to warn that unruly youths shall not be allowed to disrupt peaceful conduct of presidential elections campaign.


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