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Presidential Elections Elicit Keen Democratization Partners Interest

Hrageisa(Horn)- Following a number of postponements the 13th November Somaliland Presidential Elections shall determine how the international community deals with the country.

Members of the International community especially from the West who partner the Somaliland democratization process as well as a number of friendly African countries are sending observers to the 13th November polls.

According to Geeska Afrika sources, “If the elections are held peacefully as well as transparently, a major realignment in relations is assured by the IC”

In the last couple of months the  democratization partners within the IC have been holding regular meetings with not only the government but the three political parties leaders and presidential contenders, in which pledges of increased development and humanitarian support has been pledged, if the polls are held peacefully, timely and transparently.

“Better still promises of support towards securing foreign investment has also surfaced in this discussions” adds our source within the IC who requested anonymity.

Other pledges include a resurge in diplomatic relations that shall see these Western and African countries interact fully with the incoming administration as well as organize high level meetings in the various power capitals of the world.

What the case be it is discernible that the IC partners shall only resume past apt relations only if a peaceful, timely and transparent poll takes place on Somaliland.


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