Somaliland diaspora had been excluded to participate in the international observation in the forthcoming presidential election due in Nov 2017, citing objections from the national election commissions (NEC) by the chief International Observers Mission (EOM) Dr Michael Walls, although this has not be fully substantiated by the National Election Commission (NEC).

The alleged Somaliland’s (NEC) statement regarding the SL Diaspora election participation –

“NEC have recently become very concerned that some of the controversies that have erupted have been fuelled by members of the Somaliland diaspora, and they have written to each political party, as well as other actor groups, expressing that concern.
They have similarly requested that the international Election Observation Mission remove members of the Somali diaspora from our team. While, in formal terms, the responsibility for selecting EOM team members lies with us, it is very important that we work closely with the NEC, who in their turn have invited us as a mission and must accredit the EOM. After much discussion, we have come to the conclusion that we should comply with their request on this matter”

However this statement from the NEC have not been as yet fully substantiated by the National Election Commission (NEC) and there is no formally statement released from NEC thus far in regards to this particular issue.

All selected Somaliland diaspora observers that were offered contract with University of London (UCL) (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlet t/development/) to travel and participate in the forthcoming elections have been notified about the cancelation of their contracts and have been advice not to travel under the election observation mission team (EOM).

Many of these individuals have spent great deal of their own money to obtain insurance, visas, and vaccination to travel, including other personal related preparations to travel, including taking time off from their employers to enable them to travel and participate the election as an observers.

Their personal expenses incurred in this process had been promised to be refunded once arrived in the capital of Somaliland (Hargeisa) had now been denied without any compensation or reimbursement.


The reason for withdrawal of the contract is based presumed partiality suspected that the chief election observers Dr Michael Walls closeness to the ruling KULMIYE party including the current administration, which based on recent numerous publication in the Somali speaking social networks.

This is not in actual fact the first time this had happened, similarly this confusion had occurred not long ago when the selection process was taking place. Some individuals who were offered position to be part of the expenses-paid short term election observers (STO) had subsequently denied positions. Others who were earlier rejected were later accepted.

When this was further analyst, the conclusion were that; there were great deal of interference by third parties that is very close to the management of the mission Chief observer Dr Michael Walls and his henchmen Conrad Heine – freelance journalist by profession all New Zealand born both regularly present since the ruling party took power 2010 in different gatherings in capital of Somaliland, including Hargeisa Book Fair which was promoted by Kayd Somali Art and Culture and Redsea Cultural Centre.

When we further looked upon the third party in question and the head of the observers mission, it was discovered rather worrying reality of cosiness between these parties which attached to the ruling party and these individuals, which concludes that the mission itself cannot act as an impartial entity to observe the mission given the nature of the relation between the third party and mission itself.

Which happens to be the head of Somaliland mission UK which represents the interest of the current administration of the ruling KULMIYE party.

The individual in question from the mission are –


Somaliland Head of mission – Ayan Mohamoud

Advisor Somaliland Mission UK – Matt Edbrooke


We also found the Chief observer of the mission who represent University College of London UCL DPU (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlet t/development/) and his employer which had entered the contract with the (STO) are not aware of the mismanagement that had been committed on their behalf.

This project is funded by the (FCO) https://www.gov.uk/government/ organisations/foreign-commonwe alth-office) through British aid (https://www.gov.uk/government /organisations/department-for- international-development)

Please note that the head of Observer Mission and the head of Somaliland UK mission co-owned Kayd.org which runs Somaliland-Week festival since 2009, and the observers mission currently is happen to be the CEO of Kayd.org.

Please see the latest Company house declaration that has register business in the UK, clearly this is a conflict of interest both to the Somaliland and UCL and preach of partiality, integrity and ethics of international election impartiality.

We therefore call upon the national election commission of Somaliland (NEC) to reject the election observers election team organised on behalf of UCL due to their partiality of the organising the presidential observation election as their deliberation would have great consequence for the future of Somaliland, both the country security and it’s future political stability.

We also call upon the political parties in Somaliland to reject these amalgamate fraud.

Similar we also call upon UCL and the FCO to investigate the malpractice committed on their behalf as we would take further actions to peruse these matter in court of law in the United Kingdom.


Dr Yusuf Abdillahi

Somaliland Alliance Group (UK)


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