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International community to Dispatch Elections Preparations Verification Mission 

The Horn(horn)- Over 10 members of the international community with a stake in the Somaliland democratization have reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring free, fair and transparent presidential elections take place in the country.

While the U.K. has not only pledged million pounds but an increase in the number of its election observers, the air is rife with news of an imminent high level diplomatic mission to ascertain preparations for the polls slated for the 13th November 2017.
According to Geeska Afrika sources, a fact finding mission composed of 15 diplomats from European and African countries is set to visit Somalilamd anytime in October.

“The sole purpose of this high level diplomatic mission is an on the ground fact finding one intent on ascertaining the levels of the November presidential elections” said our source from within the Somaliland democratization steering committee.

The committee based in Nairobi bings together various countries and international institutions that not have a stake in the country’s democratization process but major donors to elections.

“While the National Election commission-NEC appears to have all systems ready for the presidential elections, the October mission intents to verify whether the mechanisms facilitate avenues for a free, fair and transparent poll” said our source in elaboration

On the other hand the presence of a large international observer mission has been verified by the United Kingdom which has actually advertised for members.

The Britain’s minister for Africa Roy Stewart revealed an extra donation of $202,017 towards boosting the NEC kitty. “The UK is also providing £202,017 to fund a 60-strong international election observation mission for the

delayed Somaliland Presidential election, now scheduled for November 2017.” The minister said.


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