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Silanyo runs most Over-bloated and Most ineffective Somaliland administration ever 

Hargeisa (Horn)- Considering all the past administrations of Somaliland, the current one run by president Silanyo and his Kulmiye party has turned out to be the least ineffective ever.

This Was stated by Somaliland member of parliament Mohamed Salah Egge during an interview with Our sister paper Geeska Afrika, in Hargeisa where he also castigated president Silanyo for cheating citizens on a lean cabinet only to end up with most boated ever.

On the Kulmiye, termed as having contravened all sorts of national laws owing to its status as ruling party, the legislator said overt and illegal campaigning of presidential elections are being effected, seemingly with blessings from the presidency in Hargeisa.
MP Mohamed went on to take issue with not only the deteriorating economic standards in the country but lost opportunity for international recognition of Somaliland who ch he clearly apportioned blame on the ruling Kulmiye party.

What modernity on the myriads of election campaign pledges made by the incumbent president during his time in Opposition more so as related to economic improvement, protection of public property through zero tolerance to corruption, and a lean functional cabinet, the legislator said Kulmiye having lost moral authority to govern, has nothing more to promise citizens as a gimmick to win office in forthcoming Somaliland presidential elections slated for November 2017.


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