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I would like to congratulate the 29 young Somaliland ladies who succeeded to graduate in the profession of Office Management and Secretarial skills. These 29 young women succeeded out of 153 candidates who applied to the course. I was very proud to see how employers were hiring these young girls …

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Egal international airport is country’s only

Hargeisa (Horn)- When the current administration of Kulmiye party led by president Silanyo took over office in 2010 the republic of Somaliland had six officially operational airports both local and international, namely; Egal in Hargeisa,Berbera international and the air strips in Borame,Burao,Lasanod and erigavo respectively. Seven years later to the …

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“Why Has the Government Sweden not Recognized Somaliland”

Hargeis(Horn)-Somaliland just  celebrated 26 years as an independent nation, with its  proud people commemorating the birth of  a country that, despite 13 years of democracy, peaceful shift of power, stability and a relatively high degree of respect for human rights, lacks global recognition. This was stated by Swedish Member of …

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 VP Orders 2010-2017 Ministerial Activity Reports

Hargeisa(Horn)-All government agencies should expeditiously submit related activity reports stretching between 2010 to date. This order was issued by Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli currently the acting head of state in the absence of his on leave boss president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo. Without giving dates the VP asked mostly …

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