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“Only Parliament Can Resolve Disputed Speaker’s Election” Supreme Court Decides

Hargeisa(Horn)-  According to the Somaliland constitution internal parliamentary elections are solely the preserve of the house.

This was informed by the Supreme Court in a five justice decision related to request for legal intervention and subsequent resolution of the disputed house speaker’s elections pitting MP Bashe Mohamed Farah and MP Abdirahman Mohamed Mahmud ‘Talyanle’

To this effect reports indicate that the House of Representatives , which is the lower chamber of the Somaliland, and source of dispute has accepted the Supreme court’s decision thence in resolution mode.

The honourable legislators were prompted to act in  resolution of their own making as per five Supreme Court justices whose decision as per the constitution was a matter for the legislature

The Supreme Court  ruling came following  request to provide legal intervention by MP Talyanle who disputes results of the speaker of Somaliland parliament held on the 6th of August 2017 in which MP Bashe and then 1st Deputy chair was announced as winner with 39 votes against sole opponent Talyanle’s 38.

Prior to divulging its decision signed by five justices, the Supreme Court first acknowledging having received a request to provide legal resolution of the disputed house elections.

“Upon perusal of the dispute and in respect to dictates of  the constitution it is apparent, that the Supreme Court has no jurisprudence authority over internal parliamentary elections.

The  justices attributed the Supreme court’s lack of authority in the current dispute to , Article 98, section 1, sub section A & B of the Somaliland constitution .

Similarly article 42 of the constitution explicitly stipulates that only parliament has authority to resolve disputes emanating from its own internal elections.

To this effect the five justices said, we advise MP Talyanle and his camp of supporting legislators pursue resolution of the disputed speaker’s election at the August house. Ended the Supreme Court verdict signed by the Somaliland Chief Justice Prof Adan Haji Ali and four other justices of the bench.

Buoyed by the Supreme courts’ learned ruling to defer the resolution to parliament, legislators have agreed to prioritize the issue as reveled by the 2nd Deputy House speaker and litigant  member of the house

Acknowledging receipt and concurrence with the Supreme Court decision  ruling  MP Abdirahman Mohamed Mahmud ‘Talyanle’, addressing the press at parliament buildings in Hargeisa informed that two arbitration committees composed of five members each from the opposing camps have been agreed upon.

This information was confirmed by 2nd deputy house speaker MP Ali Yusuf Ahmed in a subsequent presser at the house compound where he is acting as speaker owing to the disputed elections and prior resignation of long term holder Abdirahman Irro.

While many see the Supreme court’s verdict as success for embattled Bashe Mohamed Farah who is being fronted by the ruling Kulmiye party, the opposing MP Talyanle camp sees it as a victory for his Wadani party does not only claim to posses but have displayed a  video footage of the election process which clearly if audio visual be believe that , Talyanle was the victor

Similarly MP Talyanle’s adamancy in his victory thence duly and legally elected speaker of the Somaliland parliament is backed by the 38  members, bi-partisan, that voted for him and adding his own ballot, the of winning 39 surely is his.


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