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“Apart from Prestige DP World has not Changed Status at Berbera Port”

Mayor Abdishakur

Hargeisa(Horn)- A couple of months since DP World took charge at Berbera port nothing tangible has been achieved.

This was stated by the mayor of Berbera Councilor Abdishakur Mahmud Idin during an interview with SAAB Tv in the port city of Somaliland and also capital of Sahil Region.

“While Much was anticipated following the ascension of DP World at the helm of Berbera port, no changes can be discerned so far” said Cllr Abdishakur

The comments by the civic leader were in relation to the $422m contract spanning 30 years awarded the Emirati firm by the government of Somaliland whose main objective is the management and development to international standards of the county’s main port.

Disclaiming of being the port’s manager thence his comments as mayor of the local government, with oversight over port sustainability, the Councilor did not shy away from stating that the Berbera port has gain a measure of prestige as a result of the DP World contract.

Said “Having DP World at the management has boosted the confidence of investors thence a trickle to local residents” adding that this is as a result of the global stature the Emirati firm holds.

Councilor Abdishakur also said that the introduction of Human Resources management systems can also be linked  directly  to the global enabler.

“For example dockworkers are now identifiable by their distinct uniform not to mention that working hours are observed to the minute, as opposed to the post DP World era” said the Berbera Mayor while stressing on the fact that this small measure has given a new face to not only the port but town at large.

Despite the introduction of visible human resource management systems, the Cllr was also equivocal of other actual improvements since “we are yet to record an increase in ships thence more cargo into the country”

In conclusion the mayor of Berbera Councilor Abdishakur Mahmud Idin was optimistic that given time much will be achieved through the DP World contract

The sentiments by the civic leader comes at a time when many in Somaliland believe that the administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo acted hastily as pertains to the award of port management and military base facility to the Emiratis

This wariness within the populace is more in relation to the ambiguous nature of the port management and military base facility agreements whose bolts and nuts are yet to be made public, ironically not even to the legislature which has oversight over international contracts.


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