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British Ambassador Visits Hargeisa International Book Fair

Somaliland 22nd July 2017: British Ambassador David Concar this afternoon addressed the renowned Hargeisa International Book Fair, a celebration of Somali culture, heritage and ideas.  Ambassador Concar said the UK is the largest international donor to Somaliland and that the longstanding UK commitment to the people of Somaliland is founded on diaspora …

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Africa’s Singapore is slowly taking shape Bashir Goth

Djibouti does not frequently feature in the headlines, but the leader of the tiny country in the Horn of Africa and his international partners recently touted this state of rock mountains, and extremely hot weather as the new Dubai, the Shekou of East Africa, and the rising African Singapore.   …

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Somaliland offers investors chance to make history

A farmer offloading goats at the morning livestock market to prospective customers; a teenager buying an ice-cold Diet Coke from a rural roadside stall; an entrepreneur paying for an espresso at a buzzing, urban start-up hub. All three have at least two things in common. They all opt to make …

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