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The Life an Times of a Deported Illegal Migrant to the USA

HORNNEWSPAPER- Recently deported from the USA, youthful Assad Abdi Isse details his illegal immigration experience, life in foreign prisons and subsequent deportation in which he was part of large Somalia and Kenyan contingent to be affected.

Below are verbatim excerpts of the his narration to Geeska Afrika

Geeska Afrika – Can you describe on your fateful decision to immigrate to the USA and the process undertaken?

Assad Abdi Isse – having lived in the Italian capital Roma for three and half years as an asylum seeker, unsuccessful, I decided to shift base to German where I was accorded the elusive status of a refugee.

While in German I thought of moving to America and in pursuit of this move I returned to Rome  for a short while, then traveled to Spain where I secured a tourist visa to Guatemala in Latin America.

From Guatemala I traveled to El Salvador then Honduras and Nicaragua before finally reaching Mexico.

Most of my journey under the charge of human traffickers was in rivers securely laced inside large floatable tyre tubes with alternations of buses and bicycles.

Upon arrival in Mexico me and my group were arrested and detained for three months after giving ourselves up to security personnel.

We were then papers of fifteen days stay in Mexico where we were also out of touch with Mexican people smugglers who put us in the USA.

Upon arrival in a town called Monterrey I was arrested by FBI who informed that the issue of all my group of Somalis was being handled by the Somalia embassy in New York where we shall be transferred to.

Q- What was your experience of imprisonment in an American jail?

It was very difficult, especially for a Muslim since we were denied permission to make ablution or even pray on time.

I will not shy away to say that the condition in the prison where food was junk and freedom of worship was denied made me realize that the much touted freedom in the USA was non existent

Medical attention was also one for f the major difficulties I encountered there since I observed prisoners vomiting blood refused doctors

At my prison in Alabama, where the main diet was potatoes and beans regular fights between prison guards and inmates took place and surprisingly our Somali group always fronted with the guards.

Fortunately, in the midst of these difficulties the Somalia ambassador came and he was very apologetic of our situation in which he informed that in lieu of an arrangement reached with the former administration of president Obama we shall be related and allowed to stay.

But this was not to be for along time and after two years the deputy Somalia ambassador visited us, but with different news from that of his boss.

Q- so what led to your deportation?

We a group of 90 of which only one was Kenyan were taken to Louisiana from where we were taken to Senegal and from there we were taken to Mogadishu and the Kenyan to Nairobi

Q- Britain f on your Mogadishu reception

Though we were warmly welcome by government officials who told us that were finally back home life was very difficult because the promised financial support was never availed.

How much was your total expenditure towards travel to the USA and how did you get this money?

It was $30,000 which was part from what I had managed to save during my European stay as well as regular support from my family not to mention that I was forced to work temporarily during my journey in one place or another.

Now that you are finally back in Somaliland what is your next move?

For me it is now very clear that east or west home is best and my plans are to stay in my country for the rest of my life.


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