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Ruling Kulmiye Party Castigates Administration’s Partiality in the GCC Conflict

Hargeisa(Horn)- The decision to support the Saudi Arabia position of conflict with Qatar made by the Somaliland Government has been termed as not only hectic but devoid of substance.

According to MP Abubakar Abdirahman Goth, the administration should immediately revert its support to the Saudi Arabia and allies position on the dispute with Qatar that has ensued with the GCC fragmenting.

Stating that the decision was hectic the legislator who urged immediate reversal said the Saudi and alliance support was entered into without any subsequent tangible benefits to Somaliland since it was without conditions.

“What are the benefits we expect from this positioning considering that Somaliland people were the beneficiaries of large development projects funded by the Qatari’s.

The ruling Kulmiye party MP was reacting to the recent unanimous decision taken by the administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo as pertains partiality in the ongoing GCC conflict that saw Hargeisa cut all ties with Qatar.

Stressing that the presidency, forced the issue MP Abubaka was at pains in understating how a decision to support nether Somalilandsun d made on Thursday turned to be support to Saudi Alliance on Saturday.

The legislator who expressed his Opposition to the country’s foray into the GCC conflict during an interview with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa wondered about the reasoning behind  this decision in lieu of the fact Saudia Arabia shall never be part of those recognizing the Somaliland aspirations for recognition as a sovereign nation.


On Saudii Arabia s ally in the GCC conflict the United Arabia Emirates, the ruling Kulmiye party legislator said that if the actions of the Emirates now being pursued in which they are throwing Somalilanders out of their country a short while after  they were awarded Berbera port management and military base, is anything to go by then the decision to associate in their position in the GCC conflict is wrong.

Queried on whether it wasn’t proper to support Qatar in the conflict considering support that nemeses Somalia had done so, the MP said “We are Somaliland thence our decisions are made not in consideration to or in Opposition to those made by other countries nemesis or not”

On the Saudi position being the headquarters of Islam religion while its king is custodian of the holy sites, MP Abubaka Abdirahman Gorth said that in lieu of these facts the kingdom should not be one dividing Muslims and Muslim countries but one that brings them together.


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