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Somaliland Joins the Gulf Diplomatic Crisis and Sides Against Qatar 

Hargeisa(Horn)-The ongoing crisis within the 7 member countries of the Gulf Cooperation council-GCC has reached Somaliland.

Following the suspension of Qatar from the GCC and subsequent blockade by fellow members Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE together with Arab countries Powerhouse Egypt allegedly for supporting terrorist groups financially, authorities in Hargeisa have sided with t main GCC block.
According to foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire the administration of Somaliland has immediately suspended all contact with Qatar until the crisis ends and the tiny Arab country is reinstated to the GCC.
The foreign minister said the decision was unanimously taken during a cabinet meeting held in Hargeisa thence the announcement.
Whole Somaliland has received substantial development and humanitarian development support from the Qatari’s the benefits accrued from its association with the United Arab Emirates far outweigh that from Doha thence this decision.
The Emiratis who recently secured for its global form Dubai Ports world a 30 year $422 million contract to managed the port of Berbera is also beneficiary of a military base at the same Somaliland coastal town. ulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic alliance of six Middle Eastern countries—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Unite
To this effect the foreign minster announced that the cabinet unanimously concurred that
1. The republic of Somaliland fully stands behind the decision taken by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries as pertains relations with Qatar.
2. As from 10th June 2017 nobody without explicit authority form the government of Somaliland princess shall be allowed to this countries airspace
3. Somaliland is fully responsible and in charge of its air, land and sea, thence those securing authority for use of such from Somalia shall be liable to due process of the law.
d Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.
In his post cabinet presser at the presidency in Hargeisa minster Dr Saad Ali Shire the anti Qatar decision was not taken lightly but made after strenuous discussions as pertains the political, economic and diplomatic relations existing between Somaliland and Gulf Countries.

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