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“I Support Clerics Committee, Will not be Member” Sh Dirir

Hornenwespaper (Horn) – The recent creation of a constitutional practices watchdog committee by president Silanyo has been termed as imperative

According to prominent Somaliland cleric Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Omar Dirir the move by the president should be supported to ensure that constitutional practices are undertaken as per stipulations.

Speaking to Geeska Afrika, the cleric who acknowledged his appointment to the clerics said that despite his all support he shall not accept the appointment.

“While thanking the president for inclusion in this 12 member cleric committee, I am sorry to say that I shall not be joining it” Sheikh Dirir said

Last Friday president Silanyo decreed the creation of the clerics committee and named the following as members

  1. Sheikh Cabdilaahi Sheekh Cali Boqorre Jawhar.
  2. Sheikh Sheikh Maxamuud Suufi Muxumed
  3. Sheikh Sheikh Maxamed Cumar Dirir
  4. Sheikh Sheikh Dr Axmed Jaamac Ismaaciil
  5. Sheikh Sheikh Cabdirashiid Sheekh Saalax
  6. Sheikh Hasan Sheekh Cali Warsame
  7. Sheikh Omar Yuusuf Axmed
  8. Sheekh Cabdilaahi Xasan Xaashi Barbarawi
  9. Sheekh Cabdikariim Xasan Xoosh
  10. Sheekh Maxamed Cali Jaamac (Gadhle)
  11. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Aw Axmed Cabdi
  12. Sheekh Maxamed Xasan Yuusuf (Agaasimaha guud ee guddida)

While the presidency is yet to react to the refusal of Sheikh Dirir with a replacement the clerics committee is expected to pass muster at the Guurti, Somaliland’s upper chamber of parliament.


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