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Mr President: What is your Conscientious Pledge?

I hereby order all public watchdog agencies to perform and undertake their duties as per constitution stipulations”

This ordered by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo was issued to the Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Commission, the Auditor General and Attorney General following a meeting at the presidency in Hargeisa.

Information divulged to the public after the stormy meeting revealed that the president was adamant and insistent on the imperatives of the public watchdog bodies ensuring that the public was not only protected but secured against misuse by those in authority.

For the president the meeting with these officials, which is the first of its nature comes in the second term of his extended tenure that is about to expire in a few months.

Though it comes almost at the end of his mandate, the meeting and subsequent determination displayed by the head of state as pertains arresting rampant and seemingly enshrined corruption on his administration , public support was and remains unanimous .

This is an apt move and despite the short duration to implement the president would have done the public a major service if only his said determination  is actuated rather than being empty words emitted with the sole purpose of assuaging, briefly, the suffering citizens.

Mr President there are various instances in which Opposition politicians have accused senior officials in your administration of misuse of office for personal gain.

Though these accusations by Opposition politicians cannot be taken to be 100% factual, your office has never lifted a finger towards either investigation or denial.

In legal terms Silence is usually a symbol of acknowledgement


Your silence, excellency, has led many Somalilanders to not only assuming your sanctioning corruption in your administration, but query your oft publicly claimed the title of anti-corruption campaign,

In fact your claim to this title was both your campaign rallying call in the 2010 presidential election and the major reason behind the huge margin of votes you received thus placing you at the presidency.


That is to be so and despite the delay, now having been appraised presumably from outside sources, of massive corruption by senior officials in your administration and subsequent publicly declared intent to take action,

Mr President your Constituents, having taken you on your word is waiting in anticipation.


To full this pledge and reclaim a semblance of respect Mr President and with the full support of the public your expedited action culminating in action against your appointed, but deceitful and fraudulent senior figures is no longer a wish but a pledge awaiting fruition.

We the public need and want to be believe that your pledge is conscientious and not politically motivated

After citizens signed a huge sigh of relief from your declared intent to fight corruption, the entire country is now holding its breath while pondering on the big question, Madaxweyne; Maxaa kaa lilaahi ah?

That is Mr President: What is your Conscientious Pledge?


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