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Duo of Kulmiye Party MPs Lambast President over Inflation

Hornnewspaper(Horn)- The deteriorating economic standards in the country have been attributed to lackluster performance by the administration of president Silanyo

Accordingly, this has resulted in the never ending spiral downwards in the local currency’s value and related price hikes for basic commodities that currently inundate citizens already capsized by effects of prolonged and severe drought the country.

This was the unanimous position taken by two Somaliland legislators from the ruling Kulmiye party during an interview with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa.

The two were MP Ahmed Abdi Kijandhe who was a candidate for party nominee as presidential contestant in Somaliland elections slated for later this year. The pursued candidacy went to party Leader Muse Behi Abdi.

At the interview MP Kijandhe was accompanied by colleague at the August house Abdirahman Dheere.

To justify their position on poor performance by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo the legislators pointed to the 70 ministers currently serving the administration “some without clear portfolios or offices” though they are paid their monthly salaries as well as the attendant and exorbitant allowances.

In addition to the huge cabinet,  Uncountable numbers are serving as presidential advisor on this or that not to mention the many others who, upon being relieved of duties “continue to receive remuneration”

“So with all these mostly government expenditure no wonder the country is undergoing its worst ever recession “ said MP Kijandhe

Wondering whether the president was actually unaware of economic difficulties being endure by his constituents the ruling party legislators urged the head of state to take control and start by downsizing the bloated cabinet as a prelude to reducing unnecessary  government expenditure.

While acknowledging that the prolonged drought and effects in the country lead to less income to the central coffers the legislators opinionated that “despite that the huge salary and allowance payment is poor economics.

“We urged the president to reduce government expedited to the barest minimum with salary payment effected only to civil servants and armed forces until such a time as the economy is stabilized”

Adding that it was funny for suffering citizens to regularly wake up to the news that so and so were last night appointed as a minister, deputy minister and state minister last night” the ruling party legislators wondered on the not only the political but strategic thinking behind such.

“Why will not the administration balance its expenditure with the reduced income” MPs Kijandhe and Abdirahman queried while questioning on who controls  the Government  account at the bank

Upon this query it was suggested that the an independent board with central bank activities oversight as well as mandate to appoint the bank governor be established.

Such a board will ensure proper public finance management not to mention availing the president independent  advise that will not only negate recession but the yes men and women surrounding the head of state.

On the enshrined use  foreign currencies and more so US dollar in the country and subsequent effect, the legislators who acknowledged the dollar as the covert officials tender of Somaliland said despite the negative impact, it was impossible to do away with this norm considering that the government itself undertakes  most of its  transactions with the dollar.

“To institutionalize the Somaliland shilling the government should not only cease utilizing the dollar, but enforce related laws as well” said MP Kijandhe

Stressing on the imperatives of strict financial laws  enforcement by president Silanyo the legislator said the first move should be to restrict ZAAD and e-Dahab electronic money transfer to the Somaliland shilling only thence ensure 100% circulation contrary to the current prevalence that sees transactions in dollars only.

Touching on foreign affairs Kijandhe said “having failed to garner international recognition in the past 25 years, it is wise for the government to rethink strategies”

Adding that the quest for Somaliland’s international recognition is being undertaken haphazardly, just as union with Somalia was pursued in 1960, MP Ibrahim Ahmed Kijandhe did not shy away to opinionate that the quest unless rethought and new strategies infused “shall surely end the way union with Somalia ended, fatefully,

In conclusion MP Kijandhe who consoled Somalilanders for the problems inflicted upon them by their elected leader stressed n the importance of citizens turning to one another for support as the only available route left for basic survival.

Reiterating on the fact that poor economic policies are behind the economic recession in the country, MP Abdirahman Dheere wondered about what went wrong considering that president Silanyo is an economist tutored by top British experts.

“Use your skills and political acumen to relieve the country of inflation thence a legacy of your presidency” said the legislator


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