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Rejected by the First World Brazilian Chicken and Egyptian Fruits Find Markets in Somaliland

Hornnewspaper(Horn) – Despite hikes in commodity prices occasioned the high levels of inflation, Major cities in Somaliland are awash with cheap imported chicken meat and fruits.
Being the capital city, thence home to the highest number of urban dwellers Hargeisa is similarly more saturated with the cheap poultry and fruits, specifically Oranges, that are being imported from Brazil and Egypt respectively.

In the meantime, most parts of the world has been left hungry for chicken following suspension of imports from Brazil that was occasioned by A food-safety probe against some of the biggest Brazilian meat companies.
With Brazil accounting for about 40% of global chicken exports from China to South Africa to Mexico, are among the many to place restrictions on shipments from the South American nation, the world is going hungry for the sumptuous chicken.

But not Somaliland, where quality control is a novel act despite the existence of the national quality control which devoid of skilled staff and apt equipment is nothing more than a white elephant in all but name.

For the Brazilians with their 40% of global chicken exports put in abeyance for health related reasons, any market and at any price is much sought thence foray into the standard devoid Somaliland and its unsuspecting citizens now consuming suspect Brazilian chicken at very low prices.
In the meantime the country undergoing the effects of prolonged and severe drought unseen in over 60 years, seemingly fresh oranges are abundant especially in Hargeisa where the still unsuspecting citizens can be seen peeling one after another.

The bright orange clouted oranges are imported from Egypt, whose regular regional and global customers have ceased consumption and related trade in Fruits and vegetables from the Pharoah nation

Not so Somaliland, where the quality control commission is nothing’s no but that nothing thence the influx of infected Egyptian fruits at very low prices thence major profits for the world rejects without thought to the health of the unsuspecting clients.
With such uncouth practices being implemented by tycoons whose commercial activities resemble the multi- tentacled octopus, thus encircle citizens in all spheres of their daily basic needs it is no wonder that hitherto unknown disease thence devoid of treatment are rampant in Somaliland


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