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Geeska Media Centre Ushers 11th Anniversary in Multi-Colours

On the morning of 17th April 2006 the Somaliland fourth estate saw the introduction of a reader oriented group of newspapers whose impartiality, relevance and ethical style of reporting not only been maintained but enhanced.

This newspaper published by the Geeska Media Centre was the Somali language Wargeyska Geeska and our very own weekly English language The Hornnewpsaper later to be joined by the all sports only weekly Somali language Ciyaraha Geeska.
Since inception the Geeska Media Group newspapers have continued to maintain their status of widest circulation in the country literally translated as the number one newspaper of choice.
At 11 and with access to our own colour printer, we promise to continue our standards while exploring more avenues thence complete news and information satisfaction of our readers who are growing on a daily basis” said Kamal Ahmed Ali, the Group’s Chairman during a tour of the just installed printer by our staff.
According to a colleague at the pursuit of facts leads GMG journalists to detest their Editor in Chief but as time goes on and imperatives of the pursuit becoming clear no to mention skills improvement the detest gradually transforms to life long held respect.

Mr. Kamal the chairman and Mr. Mohamed-Rambo, the editor, the two senior GMG officers who, upon unanimous concurrence the imperatives of continued apt standards also urged their readers to not hesitate in submitting their views/opinions as pertains ongoing events in the country or as pertains specific to the media group.

As for the diverse cadres of staffers the arrival of the in house colour printer is driven enough towards scaling higher heights in pursuit of relevant, timely and factual r ports for public consumption

And on the 11th Anniversary the GMG motto of “Your one stop news source in Somaliland “ Motto has never been truer.


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