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“Cease Civil Servants Recruitment Until Further Notice” President Silanyo orders

Hornnewspaper(Horn) – The gainful employment for thousands of citizens absorbed in the civil service in 2017 has been put in abeyance

This follows orders to the Somaliland Civil Service Commission -CSC to suspend all recruitment of civil servants issued by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo during a meeting with the body’s commissioners at the presidency in Hargeisa.
While the meeting was held in camera details were divulged during a joint presser by the CSC chairperson Commissioner Sharmarke Muhumed Geelle and presidential spokesperson For Ngong Hussein Adan “Hussein Deyr’ who were both unanimous in concurring that the suspension order was necessitated by severe drought affects engulfing a large number of citizens
According to the presidential spokesperson the meeting had the CSC status briefing to the president as main agenda as well as issues related to the World bank funded Somaliland Civil Service strengthening project which was launched late last year and implemented by CSC.
“Upon concise briefing the president who commended the CSC for evidence diligence, ordered the complete cessation of new recruitments to public service, ” said Eng Hussein Deyr adding that the omelet tigers of extending the agency’s functions outside the capital Hargeisa were also dwelt upon.

Thence plans are afoot to establish a CSC and Civil Service Institute Branch in Burao town the Toghdeer regional capital with responsibilities for eastern regions public service recruitment and subsequent trainings.
While revealing that impact of the World bank funded project are gradually being discerned as pertains enhanced CSC service provision, commissioner Sharmarke Geelle went on to thank the head of state for directing that the CSC is the sole body with a mandate for both recruitment and training of civil servants in Somaliland.
“In pursuit of implementing this directive let it be known that “henceforth any civil servant, not recruited by this commission are not legal thence shall neither be recognized as such nor paid any remunerations.

Commissioner Sharmarke who was emphatic on the imperatives of expedited adherence with the sole recruiter directive revealed that once the suspension on employment of new public servants is lifted by the presidency, the CSC upon receiving staffing requirements from state apparatus shall announce dates and locations all the way from district, regional to national levels for conducting interviews.

“All legible citizens shall be availed equal opportunity to serve their country facilitated at their area of residents thence eliminate prevalent norms which entail aspirants to attend interviews in Hargeisa.

On the poignant issue of suspended recruitment necessitated by the severe drought engulfing the country, thus diversion of planned salaries to relief, the CSC boss was optimistic that through the grace of Allah the looming famine shall be halted at its tracks thence subsequent resumption.
Following the news of recruitment suspension, confusion was and still is the order of the day within the public where debates are furious but devoid of facts which the administration has shrouded.
The mystery of facts emanates from the January 2017 presidential order directing that all employees entering the civil service payroll 2017 shall not be paid their monthly monetary gain for three months, a move whose justification was attributed to drought relief thence not only contested by none but supported by all as well.

Happy to have finally accessed gainful employment the hundreds, if not thousands of the 2017 new public employees went about their duties with gusto while boosting that come April they shall require pickup trucks to convey their anticipated four nuts backdated salaries.

So the new directive which failed to give a definite timeframe for resumption of recruitment thence availability salaries to the fresh employees is behind the confusion within the local public renowned for political acumen as well as disarray within the code that was planned for pickups come end of April but now uncertain of whether they are actually public servants.
But for political analysts the big question pertains to the legality of the suspension, especially as related to those recruited in 2016 for absorption in 2017 since their salaries are included in this year’s budget approved by parliament and institutionalized following signed  by president.
While none is yet to contest the looming famine occasioned by prolonged drought that has left many families destitute, one will not fail to wonder why the administration, which has been deducted drought relief funds from civil servants for years deemed it fit to deny the already in service new staff similar act.
So if one is heard saying something shady is going on then let she/he be termed a Qabyaalayste, that is one with tribalism tendencies.


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