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Three Years Down the Line Haatuf Newspaper is Still Closed


Hargeisa(Horn)-The Haatuf Group of newspapers which publishes in Somali,Arabic and English is now on her third year in the cold, following the government of Somaliland blatant abuse of her powers to muzzle freedom of expression in the country. Haatuf Group had three paper in circulation the Somali version was known as Haatuf, the English was called Somaliland Times and the Arabic paper was known as Haatuf Al Arabia.

The newspapers were shut down three years ago on the seventh day of April.

The paper had published an investigative piece revealing the rot at the presidential mansion where corruption was the order of the day. According to the article which rubbed the high and the mighty close to the realm of power the wrong way lifted the lid about endemic corruption engineered by some ministers and the first family.

Since, those new to power and wealth mostly act arrogantly they seized the moment to harass imprison the editor in chief Mr.Yusuf Abdi Gabobe and his assistant without the courtesy of a fair trial. As power corrupts the mind as alcohol incapacitate the drunkards a contingent of a rogue police unit was formed for the sole purpose of intimidating opponents it was christened RRU. The rogue rascals surrounded the media house premises and took control of the building and equipment before roughing up the innocent employees ;needless to say even the poor watchman was not spared. Today Hubsad and Codka shacabka newspapers have been eliminated from the printing press thanks to the heavy handedness of the current regime of Mr.Silanyo.

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