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“President Silanyo is Firmly In Charge of His Elective Mandate” Defence Minister

Hargeisa(Horn)- In an exclusive interview with Geeska Afrika newspaper the Somaliland defence minister Ahmed Haji Adami has denied allegations purporting that some ministers in the current administration posses more authority than the president who appointed them, a opposed to the previous administration of Ex-President Rayale touted as the most cohesive in the short history of the country.
Below verbatim excerpts of the interview
GEESKA AFRIKA – Every administration anywhere on earth has things it is praised or castigated for. In the case of the Somaliland, which you are a member of as defence minister, the allegations are that some ministers are more powerful than tan president Silanyo who appointed them?
DEFENSE MINISTER- It is natural for children born of same father and mother, and availed similar opportunities to be different. Some end up doctors, lawyers, drivers, army officers, thieves or such, though they are siblings.
Similar in our administration and in any other as YouTube mentioned even ministers appointed by then same president end up in different scales, as pertains their service provision. Thence then various categories of full minister, state minister and deputy minister.

To me as opposed to the allegations you mentioned the proactive diversity within our administrations leads the inept to believe that extra powers are possessed.
But most important, how does it happen that any person on any capacity becomes more powerful than his boss? This is not possible, thence the rumours purporting Some of my colleagues are more powerful than the president is nothing but cheap vote seeking.

Q- What of the now regular allegations by prominent politicians to the effect that the reins of government are not under the charge of President Silanyo but have been assumed by some unelected officials?
A- First it is Important to the nation,  be it security or peaceful coexistence wise for the said politicians to assume some measures of responsibility rather than their current norms of sitting at press conferences for purposes of mere verbosity devoid of substance.
Similarly to even mention that the president is not in control of his very own administration is character assassination of the highest order.
And without mincing words, let me be succinctly clear that Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is the elected president of Somaliland and is firmly in full control of his administration.
Q- what is your take on the circumstances leading to the resignation of Abdilahi Jawan as presidential advisor and Ruling Kulmiye party executive committee member, more so considering you acted as Somaliland election commissioners at the same time?
A- Abdilahi Jawan, a former colleague at NEC and during his just resigned post in government is an experienced politician of long standing and his dissatisfaction should not have translated into the deep anger that led to his abrupt exit from his official public service positions.
If he had sought my counsel I would have urged caution and patience a sure treatment for many ailments especially in politics and public service
Q- what of the alleged creation of a covert committee for elections being facilitated by president Silanyo, more so in relation to your having been a member of the NEC?,

A- what covert and illegal committee to control election outcome? But yes, I have heard whispers about it, but not heard its establishment being either approved or rejected by parliament as is the law, nor has those rumour mongering produced any proof. So in a nutshell, this is another example of poor politicking for elective office gain.
Q- What of the decisions reached towards final resolution to the Sool deadly clan clashes by a high power, reconciliation committee of which you were part of. Are oh optimistic about that the warring clans will implement thence cease animosities?

A-First of all it is worth mentioning that this conflict is not externally influenced neither by Somalia nor others.
The warring clans are close relatives as can exemplified by their shared area of resident which in turn makes it a must the sharing of the basic needs of life like water, grazing extcetra.
But now is time to cease the clashes that have resulted with lives lost or maimed aimlessly. As for the just facilitated reconciliation the agreements must be upheld and respected.
On a personal level mine is just to tell the warring brothers that STOP FIGHTING AND NKW for too much blood has been lost for nothing
Q- As if it is a leadership requirement every administration taking office in neighbouring Somalia engages in endless diplomatic campaigns towards destruction of Somaliland as a sovereign country. What would you advise the authorities in Mogadishu.
A- Since we reclaimed our self rule 26 Yeats ago next May 18th The republic of Somaliland has encountered major obstacles from enemies.
But the irony is, every constraint be it diplomatic, economic, security among many others ends up as a blessing in disguise rather than an offence since the nation and its people come out of these obstacles much stronger.
To Smalilanders I say always keep your calm, maintain your nationhood cohesiveness while co-existing peacefully as a prelude to conquering your and country’s enemies and ultimate realization of the quest for international recognition.
To Somalia authorities in Mogadishu past p, current and future continued our suit towards destroying our nationhood is an exercise in futility, It shall never happen
Geeska Afrika, thank your minister for your time and insights


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