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Philanthropist Edna Adam Welcomes the UAE Military Base in Somaliland

Hargeisa(Horn)-Well known philanthropist Mrs.Edna Aden Ismael who once served as foreign minister has welcomed the government of the United Arabs Emirates to set a military base in Somaliland. Speaking to the press at Edna Maternity Hospital and University in Hargeisa Mrs.Edna stated that the military base agreement will be beneficial to the country because it has many real and perceived enemies.

“I thank Almighty Allah for making the agreement a success, today 25  years has passed since we kicked out our oppressors, Allah has made it a possibility for Somaliland to sign an agreement with the UAE.The enemy who killed and maimed my people once set the perimeter where now my hospital stands as a place for executing Somaliland people today our enemy Somalia won’t sleep easily because of jealousy but lest we forget the aerial bombardments and heavy artillery fire which they used to reduce Hargeisa to rubble. Our enemy won’t be happy that after massacring and wiping two thirds of Somaliland population that the leftover are today rising with their heads held high.”Mrs.Edna stated.

Speaking about Ethiopia Mrs.Edna said that the Ethiopians are well aware the suffering of Somaliland under the ruthless regime of former Somalia despot late Colonel Mohammed Said Barre

And furthermore Somaliland and Ethiopia security is the interest of both countries which share a very very special relationship. Needless to say our needs are intertwined together so the UA E military base will be beneficial to both countries as what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Mrs.Edna added the security of our sea and port will be guaranteed us Somaliland is still a young nation which lack resources. The military base will help Somaliland reach her security needs.


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