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Mr. President Can You Tell Us Something about the May, London Conference?

The Horn staff writer;The British government recently announced that it has decided to exclude the government of Somaliland from a London meeting slated to be held in May whereby economic.

Development funds are being raised for Somalis.

This latest meeting was preceded by another held in the same city in 2012. The aforementioned conference was the one Somaliland/Somalia talks commenced.

However, this time around the British government decided to snub Somaliland following the postponement of the presidential and parliamentary elections, worse still the extensions of the term of office of president Silanyo and the legislature were a bitter pill to swallow for Number 10 Downing Street.

The British government explicitly stated that this latest conference in May was a Somaliland’s government best opportunity as a platform to put her agenda across to the community of nation. What a wasted chance! As opportunity knocks at the door once.

Sadly up to now the Somaliland government is tight lipped about the turn of events and the fog of smog surrounding this latest London conference.

To add insult to injury the head of state H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed (Silanyo) has remained silent about this important meeting where most countries of the world will be attending and has hardly spoken a word concerning this issue which now puts the country in a tricky position.

In this respect Somaliland citizens have conflicting views and opinions following their government failure to come up with a clear government policy about this quagmire.

While others say that this a good omen to Somaliland since the meeting will be a Somalia only business.

While some in the know conference are skeptical, they state that this is a diplomatic slap in the face for Somaliland failure to be included in the London symposium. They confirmed that it was a missed opportunity for Somaliland because the conference was her chance to tell the world about her past fail unity with Somalia and her future political and economic aspiration and agenda. Hence this latest meeting will be seized by Somalia to malign and blunder Somaliland thus further emancipate it diplomatically.

Those views were diverse in nature nonetheless the head of state should come clean and talk to the nation about this latest move from London to show Somaliland a cold shoulder attitude the populace need an answer Mr. President.


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