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A Disparate Somalia’s Farmajo Kowtows to Emiratis to Entreat Support

Hargeisa(Horn)- The tug of war for jurisdictional  control of Somaliland by Somalia Federal authorities in Mogadishu is turned to desperation.

Following the recent Somaliland award of Berbera port management contract to an Emirati firm and hosting of a UAE military base in the same town has irked the new administration Somalia president to tether internationally hence a relentless campaign to change status.

In his latest foreign visit in which Somalia president Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo forayed to the United Arab Emirates, Geeska Afrika sources indicate that discussions with the Emirati leaders centred on five issues in which the newly elected Somalia head entreated for acceptance of, and subsequent support in,

Farmajo who was accorded visiting head of state etiquettes held meetings with the Emir of Abu Dhabi and UAE armed forces deputy chief of staff Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed.

The sources closely associated with the talks inform that the five issues raised by Farmajo were

For the UAE to support the ongoing reconstruction of the Somalia Armed Forces.

The UAE to avail funding for construction of new and rehabilitation of existing Somalia  federal government offices nationwide.

For the UAE to immediately cease all direct contact with all and any regional administration in Somalia.

Contractual control of the UAE military base in Berbera to be transferred from that of Somaliland authorities in Hargeisa to  those  in Somalia’s Mogadishu and

That Somalis working and Living in the UAE be granted relevant legalities namely work and residence permits, and their children accorded free educational opportunities.

“On the 4th point  pertinent to Somaliland, president Farmajo was at pains in enticing  the Emiratis to acquiesce immediately, though to no vain” our source requesting anonymity said

In stressing the urgency that his administration holds that wards control of the UAE military facility in Berbera, President Farmajo was at pains in revealing that his request was the only viable option open for the establishment of the base in Somaliland, since he, Farmajo, had  of only raised the issue but received unanimous support at the just concluded Arab League meeting, held in Amman Jordan and participated.

And though he obviously mingled and network with other delegation leaders, nothing is on record to indicate that Farmajo, president of the Arab leagues poorest member ever discussed the UAE military base in Berbera either at the plenary sessions or with individual heads.

Following the Apparent Diatribe by his visitor, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and UAE armed forces deputy chief of staff Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, responded to each of the five points raised as in,

Though the reconstruction of the Somalia armed forces is currently being undertaken by various authorities including the U.K. And USA, thence impossible to intervene directly p,  the government in Abu Dhabi welcomes the opportunity to be involved in re-establishing peace and stability in the war torn Horn Of Africa country.

On the matter of direct contact between the UAE and Somalia Administrative regions,

The  Emiratis acknowledged the imperatives of working in coordination with federal government agencies.

That President Farmajo should be if currently unaware, be appraised that the UAE is involved in negotiations with the Jubaland regional administration as pertains contract to manage the port of Kismayu. And

The Emiratis intents to engage in oil exploration within Somalia as soon as a relevant legalities are established.

The UAE in pursuit of drought alleviation support has already established a fund for that purpose geared towards providing relief to a large number of Somalis reeling from after effects and now on bank of famine.

On its military base in Berbera, the Emir of Abu Dhabi informed that authorities in Somalia were involved from the beginning through the office of former president  Hasan Sheikh thence

Impossible to effect transfer of control from Hargeisa to Mogadishu and

Necessary action will be taken if President Farmajo can provide any proof, which the UAE has failed to discern, on the security risks entailed if Somaliland maintains contractual authority.

On the issue of support towards construction of new and rehabilitation of old federal government offices all over Somalia, the Emiratis never responded for either lack of interest or amusement, of which our source remains in the dark too.

Since the ascension of Farmajo to residing in villa Somalia in Mogadishu following his election devoid of one-person-one- vote as president of Somalia in February this year, he has been in a relentless pursuit of trying to re-establish some semblance of the long presumed Mogadishu jurisdictional control of Somaliland which withdrew from its 1969 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia 25 years ago.

This overt and desperate anti- Somaliland virulent perpetrated under Farmajo  be ascertained by the coordinated measure taken by various authorities in Mogadishu, especially as pertains to the two UAE contracts with Somaliland.

First was the diatribe by the Somalia auditor general who immediately upon the parliament in Hargeisa approving the Emirati military facility, termed it as illegal and not to be allowed thence, Somalia shall knock various doors with the IC namely UN, AU and Arab League in Protest.

The second scene had Farmajo with his act pursued in the government corridors in Riyadh which he had made his first maiden foreign visit immediately upon being sworn in oat the Somalia presidency.

Buoyed by the red carpet welcome by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the newly elected president did not r to petition King Salman to intervene with the UAE as pertains the military base availed by Somaliland.

Today it remains to be divulged on the response by keeper of  two holy Muslim sites and neither is any action as pertains discernible.That is he, Farmajo returned with cooed tailed as is the case in Abu Dhabi.

The third anti- Somaliland virulence was enacted at the selected Parliament in Mogadishu, where a number of legislators table a motion geared towards making illegitimate what had been approved thus legalized by elected members of the Somaliland parliament in Hargeisa.

The outcome of this desperate move remains to be seen just as the promise of lobbying international corridors.

While his cahoots in the Mogadishu parliament gasped from defeat induced perspiration on how to bring Somaliland to its knees, Farmajo thought the 2017 Arab league summit in Amman was the best avenue for either ejecting the UAE from Somaliland or bringing its Berbera military base under Mogadishu control, but again this seems to have materialized with nought.

This far having entreat the Saudis, Arab league and the UAE it is expected and sure that , just as the sun rises in the east, President Farmajo of Somalia whose virulence against Somaliland shall Kowtow more and more without shame in numerous capitals in pursuit of the untenable, BRINGING SOMALILANDERS under the Jurisdiction of SOMALIWEIN authorities in Mogadishu.


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